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What is SEE?

The Streets to Employment and Education program (SEE) is a 16 week program where youth learn transferrable job and life skills; receiving guidance through either the completion of their education or on the job workplace training. This program exists to extend a hand out to those young people who face barriers to employment and education, beyond the regular challenges faced by the average young person. Barriers may include: lack of permanent address/phone/email, no prior job/resume writing experience, inability to find work due to personal hygiene or lack of regular access to showers, etc.). 


oneROOF staff provide support, mentorship, and training during this PAID employment program, with the goal of guiding the youth toward independent living. The SEE program accepts applicants from Waterloo Region, age 16-30, who feel they face significant barriers to employment and/or education. 

All participants complete an educational component; receiving certifications in WHMIS training, Safe Food Handling, and CPR First Aid training. Youth in the program will develop skills related to budgeting, employment readiness, resume writing, etc.


This program, built to prepare young people for future employment and education beyond the assisted opportunities within it, focuses heavily on improving confidence and self-esteem.

oneROOF Youth Services will soon be announcing the grand opening of their onsite thrift store, Change4Change. Once open, the store will give youth an opportunity to gain job experience within the world of retail sales and customer service. Until then, the online store serves as an outlet for the sales and promotion of the other social enterprise opportunities afforded to SEE program participants. These include: carpentry work within our Wood Working program, artistic and entrepreneurial skill building via Street Designs, and food service work as a part of Lunch Box.

At the end of the 16 week paid position, youth will ‘graduate’ armed with the skills, abilities, certifications, and confidence needed to obtaining meaningful employment. However, our support does not end there. SEE staff will shadow youth for approximately 2 months and assist them with their transition into community life, community employment, and/or their return to educational pursuits. Another 16 week intake will ensue and the process will be repeated. 


The SEE program is funded via the Government of Canada and will be ongoing until 2023.

Click here to learn more about The SEE Program's application process.

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